"If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor."
            -Albert Einstein

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                       Camera Obscura - Journal of Literature and Photography recently launched by Sfumato Press features short stories and photography in an annual print issue with web content updated regularly.
                      Occam's Razor - An unmarked intersection of literature with science where logic wrecks often occur.
Recent Stories by M.E. Parker
In Print
  • "Menagerie" - The Dirty Fabulous Anthology (forthcoming)
  • "The Man Inside Her" - Gargoyle Summer 2011
  • "My Marakech" - Permafrost Summer 2010
  • "The Harlot of Baltimore" - The MacGuffin Summer 2009
  • "Comfort Food" - Alimentum Winter 2009
  • "A Son of Abraham" - Weber: The Contemporary West Winter 2009
  • "Truth in Violet" - Electric Velocipede 17/18
  • "The Summer of Ham" - Briar Cliff Review Spring 2006
  • "Hawthorne" - Peeks & Valleys Spring 2009
  • "Ghost Riders" - The Flint Hills Review Fall 2008
  • "Blue Charlie's and the Rings of Saturn - Quercus Review 2008
  • "Going Nowhere" - Straylight Spring 2008
  • "Colonel Bainbridge" - Whistling Shade Summer 2006
  • "Full Moon and Tiger Lilies" Outercast Summer 2006
  • Winner of the 2010 Midnight Sun Fiction Contest
  • Finalist in 2008 Meyerson Fiction Prize sponsored by the Southest Review
  • Finalist in numerous other contests
Available Online

  • "Please Don't..." - 42opus
  • "Schpeel/Proposition/Beacon" - Mad Hatters' Review
  • "Colonel Bainbridge" - Whistling Shade
  • "Down by the Creek" - Fried Chicken and Coffee
  • "Marked Man" - Barnstorm (no longer available)
  • "Prayers to an Androgynous God" - Edifice WRECKED
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"It is better to hide ignorance, but it is hard to do this when we relax over wine."
            -Heraclitus, On the Universe