M.E. Parker reading at Book People

M.E. Parker, Author of the dystopian Hinterland Trilogy
      - Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland
      - The Nethers: Frontiers of Hinterland
      - Bora Bora: Flight from Hinterland (coming in 2017)

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"…Jonesbridge isn’t just a dystopia of geography, but that of the human condition, ravaged by history. Their journey is a revolt against the destitution of their world and M.E. Parker is a cartographer of the spirit, navigating us through his powerful prose that is unflinchingly honest…"
                        –Peter Tieryas, author of the United States of Japan, Bald New World and Watering Heaven

The Nethers of shelf

"As compelling dystopian novels must, M.E. Parker’s Jonesbridge reaches towards us with two arms, that of the familiar and that of the uncanny, and it’s impossible to decide which is the more disarming and disturbing. In propulsive prose that nonetheless carves out its own lyricism, Parker traces his characters’ trajectories as they seek transcendence from the mechanistic blueprints that have been veritably etched into their minds and onto their bodies. Yet transcend they do, finding in the scars of their condition the very glimmers by which they might navigate to elsewhere and otherwise. Parker keeps us riveted such that we feel triumphant in their fragile victories, conjoined and complicit in their fates, and ever-thankful that there are further volumes in which to dwell alongside them."
                         -Tim Horvath, Author of Understories

"...this is sci-cli-fi at its best, literary quality balanced meticulously with dramatic tension. Though there is a substantial amount of world building here, it’s not done with the same leisure you often find in genre work, which makes for a much more exciting, immediate read."
                         - Kurt Baumeister The Nervous Breakdown
"Great Grandchildren of the Apocalypse" Guest Post at SFF World.

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Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland

In this dystopian world-building series, to survive a grim island prison a young man and woman must work for the Complex. To escape it, they will need to destroy it.

Jonesbridge Myron enters the Jonesbridge Industrial Complex as a worker, a prisoner, commanded to harvest the scant resources that enable the powers that be to continue waging an unwinnable war. When Sindra—a fellow prisoner and a spirited fighter—joins him at the salvage line, he finds a new reason to live, and to escape. Even though any attempt to leave will lead to execution, Myron and Sindra plan a daring escape.

But when a guard is found murdered and Myron is blamed for the crime, it appears that they will not even get a chance to attempt to fly over the gorge that separates Jonesbridge from the rest of the world. It will take everything that Myron and Sindra have to merely survive their brutal overlords. It will take even more to set them both free. As their world changes, Myron and Sindra work through the Jonesbridge underground, meeting a mesmerizing cast of characters—dangerous survivors bent on destroying Jonesbridge once and for all.

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The Nethers: Frontiers of Hinterland

In the sequel to Jonesbridge, ME Parker takes readers on a furious ride through bedlam.

The Nethers As Jonesbridge descends into chaos, Myron seizes an opportunity as a member of a mobile recovery squad, sent to salvage metal. He wanders the Nethers, where he meets a nomad who seeks out people for delivery to a mysterious place called Mesa Gap in exchange for fresh water and supplies. On their journey, they encounter dangerous groups of cultists and fanatics, as well as refugees, as desperate as Myron for a way out.

Myron’s love Sindra survives, banished for giving birth, and is now holed up in a village by the sea. Myron’s mission is to get to Sindra, and then to get them both through the ancient highway that promises freedom. To get there, though, will test every limit, and force Myron to make decisions that could ultimately alter the future of what is left of the human race in this post-apocalyptic world.


Bora Bora: Flight from Hinterland
          Coming in 2017

If you've run out of gas on a stretch of road where the telephone poles have turned to pillars of salt and you reach at last the intersection where history meets the future, take off your shoes, wade into the ditch, pull aside the carrion and you'll find M.E. Parker’s Hinterland Trilogy. ME Parker searches for beauty and love in rust and salt, for meaning and truth in the facades of wind-blasted ruins.

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