Jonesbridge Excerpt

In one week, Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland will finally be unleashed. In the meantime Entropy Magazine has put up an excerpt .

“As compelling dystopian novels must, ME Parker’s Jonesbridge reaches towards us with two arms, that of the familiar and that of the uncanny, and it’s impossible to decide which is the more disarming and disturbing. In propulsive prose that nonetheless carves out its own lyricism, Parker traces his characters’ trajectories as they seek transcendence from the mechanistic blueprints that have been veritably etched into their minds and onto their bodies. Yet transcend they do, finding in the scars of their condition the very glimmers by which they might navigate to elsewhere and otherwise. Parker keeps us riveted such that we feel triumphant in their fragile victories, conjoined and complicit in their fates, and ever-thankful that there are further volumes in which to dwell alongside them.” –Tim Horvath, Author of Understories

Still a week left to head over to Goodreads to win a review copy.

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