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Dead Yard

If you’ve run out of gas on a stretch of road where the telephone poles have turned to pillars of salt and you reach at last the intersection where history meets the future, take off your shoes, wade into the ditch, pull aside the carrion and you’ll find M.E. Parker’s Hinterland Trilogy. M.E. Parker searches for beauty and love in rust and salt, for meaning and truth in the facades of wind-blasted ruins.

Now available on Kindle, two short stories set within the world of the Hinterland trilogy, a future dark age where technology has been lost. Set thirty years before the novel Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland. “Dead Yard” takes place in Alliance territory. The second story, “the Harlot of Baltimore,” provides an E’ster perspective.

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The Art of Pollution

The sky is your canvas, and on a clear day, a clean cerulean slate with which to work. Every decision affects the composition of your masterpiece: a valley cut by a river, sandwiched between strip-mined hills. Smokestacks should be spread apart for maximum coverage and staggered, allowing the roiling gray clouds, each on a unique trajectory and column of air, to facilitate collisions in unexpected ways, whipping up a black dragon to swallow the sky, the setting sun an opaque disk in its throat, its tail reaching beyond the horizon carried by a breeze. This allows soot, the moss of progress, to gather from ashen rain on the leeward sides of the stacks.

Your complex must have access to a body of water, preferably a river, one with a ponderous current, almost stagnant, not diluting but churning your chemical soup, allowing it to seep into the water table, perhaps even leaving ochreous rings in the drinking water tanks. Shimmering eddies of heavy metals swirl along the shore, the stain glass on your cathedral to production, fish scales, metallic green and orange, the colors of the war machine.

Your plant must also find itself in calm, settling air, a valley perhaps where wind will not dissipate so quickly your contribution to the sky. Fog and mist rising from the warm water, air heavy with vapor and smoke, must meet in the middle, must join and fuse as though your valley cups in its hands, the fruits of production…

One for all, and ALL for Industry! In Jonesbridge, they have perfected the art of pollution. Take a deep cleansing breath of sulfur dioxide, taste the iron. Wander through the soot-cloaked streets of brick, once red, as the gargoyles of Industry peer over the factory roofs. Stroll the alleyways of war wreckage in the salvage pit where you might find a relic of the Old Age and a hint to the magic their technology wielded, and if the sky clears long enough to see the Great Gorge, stare into the horizon dreaming of the world beyond.

-M.E. Parker


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Jonesbridge Excerpt

In one week, Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland will finally be unleashed. In the meantime Entropy Magazine has put up an excerpt .

“As compelling dystopian novels must, ME Parker’s Jonesbridge reaches towards us with two arms, that of the familiar and that of the uncanny, and it’s impossible to decide which is the more disarming and disturbing. In propulsive prose that nonetheless carves out its own lyricism, Parker traces his characters’ trajectories as they seek transcendence from the mechanistic blueprints that have been veritably etched into their minds and onto their bodies. Yet transcend they do, finding in the scars of their condition the very glimmers by which they might navigate to elsewhere and otherwise. Parker keeps us riveted such that we feel triumphant in their fragile victories, conjoined and complicit in their fates, and ever-thankful that there are further volumes in which to dwell alongside them.” –Tim Horvath, Author of Understories

Still a week left to head over to Goodreads to win a review copy.

Order a copy from all Outlets

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Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland now available for pre-order

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“…Jonesbridge isn’t just a dystopia of geography, but that of the human condition, ravaged by history. Their journey is a revolt against the destitution of their world and M.E. Parker is a cartographer of the spirit, navigating us through his powerful prose that is unflinchingly honest…”
–Peter Tieryas Liu, author of the United States of Japan, Bald New World and Watering Heaven

Jonesbridge Cover

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Jonesbridge: Echoes of Hinterland


After wandering in the literary desert,  I finally landed a book deal.

Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Publisher of Camera Obscura Journal of Literature & Photography M.E. Parker’s HINTERLAND, in which the Jonesbridge Industrial Complex, in a fight for metal resources to fuel the war effort against the E’sters, enslaves a young dreamer whose escape plans and world view are threatened when he meets a pregnant railwalker on the salvage line and falls in love, to Laura Duane at Diversion Books, in a three-book deal, for publication in 2014, by Elizabeth Kracht at Kimberley Cameron & Associates (World English).

From PublishersMarketplace July 25, 2014

find out more about Jonesbridge.

For updates leading up to publication (and an unknown variety of other things) Hinterland

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